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Start from Berlin, show its chained properties:

Result from Query Code
Germany {{#show: Berlin|?Located in}}
Germany {{#show: Berlin|?Located in#-}}
Europe {{#show: {{#show: Berlin|?Located in#-}} |?Has parent page}}
Europe {{#show: Berlin|?Located in.Has parent page}}

This is the page about Europe.

{{: {{#show: {{#show: Berlin|?Located in#-}} |?Has parent page#-}} }}
Hhappel, Kghbln, Mwjames, Test123abc {{#show: {{#show: Berlin|?Located in#-}} |?Page author}}
Berlin, Germany, Europe, Kghbln {{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|?Refer to}}
100, -3 {{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|?Has number}}
100, 1.2, -3, 1e2, .4e2 {{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}}|?Has text}}

This page may refer to Berlin, Germany, Europe, User:Kghbln,...

This page has these numbers: 100, 1.2".2" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 1., -3, 1e2, .4e2"." can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 400.,...

This page has these texts: 100, 1.2, -3, 1e2, .4e2,...

... more about "PropertyChaining"
Has numberUsed for property values that contain any kind of number, integer, decimal, and floating point numbers.
100 +  and -3 +
Has textUsed to store strings of arbitrary length.
100 +, 1.2 +, -3 +, 1e2 +  and .4e2 +
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