Gilbert’s Dragon

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Lophognathus maculilabris Smit.jpg

Gilbert’s Dragon, TaTa Lizard, Amphibolurus gilberti

Distinguishing features: One crest, small spines along neck, Two broad pale stripes along each side of body (dorsolateral) from ears to hips, Grey, reddish brown to black in colour, females paler,males steel grey, Darker bars can be present on back, Often seen waiving front leg (ta ta) 1

  • Habitat: Woodlands, river margins, backyards
  • Snout Vent length:13 cm
  • Region: Australia2
  • Distribution: Mid coast WA to QLD, Anningie, 30 miles west of Teatree Well, northern Territory 3
  • Similar species: A.temporalis


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