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Property samples that were taken from the policyatlas.org1 website to demonstrate the issue of similar property labels (aka properties) which can occur during an annotation or data curation2 task.

 |For Area Type=Urban, Suburban, Rural |+sep=,
 |For Area Types=Urban, Rural |+sep=,
 |For area type=Urban, Suburban|+sep=,
 |For Education Level=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For Entity Types=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For Governance Level=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For Issue Type=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For School Size=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For School Type=Insert
 |For School type=Insert
 |For school type=Public
 |For education level of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For governance level=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For governance level of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For issue Type=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For level of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For other education type=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |For school size=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Goal: Has goal of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Goal: To protect market competition=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Has Adoption Of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Has Adoption of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Has Goal of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Has adoption of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Has goal of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Has goals of=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |Has subcategory=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest
 |IS opposed by=PropertyLabelSimilarityTest

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  2. ^  "...term used to indicate processes and activities related to the organization and integration of data collected from various sources, annotation of the data, and publication and presentation of the data..." from
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