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Berlin is the capital of Germany and also its largest city, both in terms of population (3,520,061) and area (891.85 km²344.352 sqmi <br />891,850 m² <br />220,380.951 acre <br />881,523.715 rood <br />). It is located in the north of Germany at the coordinates 52° 31' 0.00" N, 13° 24' 0.00" E. Berlin's average rainfall is 106.3 days per year.

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The site language (== global content language) is French which in previous releases of SMW would made parsing . as decimal (in English notation) incompatible with the content language specification of a decimal separator, #15911 allows to use the page content language (if available) as medium to specify content characteristics.

Adding a page content language with the help of {{interlanguagelink:en|Berlin}} re-declares FR to EN (for this specific page) and enables to parse [[Has area::891.85 km²]] without the need to change content from . to , in order to adhere the global content schema.

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Has areaUsed for property values that describe quantities, in particular physical quantities such as time or distance.
891.85 km² (344.352 sqmi, 891,850 m², 220,380.951 acre, 881,523.715 rood) +
Has coordinatesUsed to describe the geographic coordinate of some place.
52° 31' 0.00" N, 13° 24' 0.00" ELatitude : 52.516666666667
Longitude : 13.4
Has populationstatistics about the human population, i.e. people that live together in the same place
? +
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Capital city of Germany. +
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true +
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gh:smw:1591 +
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