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Population. 1,400


Maidstone is a town near London

I moved here in 2014

515 m²0.515 km² <br />0.199 sqmi <br />127.259 acre <br />509.037 rood <br /> Tigers __SHOWFACTBOX__

This car is {{{1}}} and does it have an ashtray? {{{2}}} This car is Blue and does it have an ashtray? Yes


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Has areaUsed for property values that describe quantities, in particular physical quantities such as time or distance.
0.515 km² (0.199 sqmi, 515 m², 127.259 acre, 509.037 rood) +
Has populationstatistics about the human population, i.e. people that live together in the same place
1,400 +
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