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Sacramento is the capital of California. It is located in Sacramento County, California. As of 2010, the population of Sacramento (CA) was 466,488. Greater Sacramento covers an area of 259.27 km²100.107 sqmi <br />259,270 m² <br />64,067.017 acre <br />256,268.042 rood <br /> and has the coordinates 38° 33' 20.00" N, 121° 28' 8.00" W.

Sacramento (CA) is known by a number of nicknames:

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Has areaUsed for property values that describe quantities, in particular physical quantities such as time or distance.
259.27 km² (100.107 sqmi, 259,270 m², 64,067.017 acre, 256,268.042 rood) +
Has coordinatesUsed to describe the geographic coordinate of some place.
38° 33' 20.00" N, 121° 28' 8.00" WLatitude : 38.555555555556
Longitude : -121.46888888889
Has populationstatistics about the human population, i.e. people that live together in the same place
466.488 +
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