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 |Has area=891.85 km²;64 sqmi;67 sqmi|+sep=;
 |Has area=89 m²
 |Has wattage=12+33 hp+450 W+15 kW|+sep=+
 |Has wattage=56 hp|20 W|35 kW|10 W |100 W | 2 W

".85km²" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.

Example query

{{#ask: [[Has subobject::+]] [[Has area::+]] OR [[Has wattage::+]]
 |?Has area
 |?Has wattage
 Lorem ipsumIssue/2093/1Issue/2093/1Issue/2782Issue/2782Lorem ipsumLorem ipsum ExportLorem ipsumSubobject
Has areaUsed for property values that describe quantities, in particular physical quantities such as time or distance.0.089 km²0.0344 sqmi <br />89 m² <br />21.992 acre <br />87.97 rood <br />
Has wattageUsed for quantity property values that are displayed in kW but in support for several units.0.042 kW9.001 kW
9.002 kW
0.042 kW9.001 kW
9.002 kW
0.042 kW9.001 kW
9.002 kW
9.001 kW
9.002 kW
0.042 kW0.002 kW
0.01 kW
0.012 kW
0.02 kW
0.1 kW
0.45 kW
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