Anastasia Zhyrkova

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Anastasia Zhyrkova[edit | edit source]

Anastasia Zhyrkova
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Anastasia Zhyrkova is a 20 years old student of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. She was born 21 June, 1998 in Sverdlovsk, Luhansk oblast. She has been living in Kyiv since 2014.

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Parents[edit | edit source]

Her father, Pavel Zhyrkov, is a miner. He met her mother, Tatiana, when he was 28. They got married in 1996 and Nastia was born in 1998, when Pavel was 31 years old and Tatiana was 23.

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Nastia's parents divorced when she was a child. So, she has lived with mother and her parents Nadia and Sasha all her childhood.

Anastasia went to a school in the age of 6. She had been studying in specialized school #11 until the middle of a last studying year.

Also she had been visiting musical school and going swimming.

University period[edit | edit source]

Nastia has been studying in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy since 2015. She entered to Informatics department. Specialization is Informatics too.

Anastasia Zhyrkova knows Anna Tsukanova and Igor Morenets, which have been studying the same specialization.

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Alexey GorobeckyAlexey Gorobecky98
Anastasia ZhyrkovaAnastasia Zhyrkova20
Andrew Gomenyuk
Anna TsukanovaAnna Tsukanova
Ben BrodeBen Brode40
Dasha Grushka
John DoeJohn Doe
Transclusion/TranscludedJohn Doe
Igor MorenetsIgor Morenets20
Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker17
Model IntegrationFranjo Cecelja
There Will Be BloodThere Will Be Blood
Will SmithWill Smith47
Yaroslav Kladko

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Alexey Gorobecky, Anastasia Zhyrkova, Andrew Gomenyuk, Anna Tsukanova, Ben Brode, Dasha Grushka, John Doe, Transclusion/Transcluded, Helloworld123, Igor Morenets, Luke Skywalker, MDeBellis, MDeBellis/Test, Marco, Maxim, Model Integration, Storyteller, There Will Be Blood, Will Smith, Yaroslav Kladko

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